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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vijayakanth Beat Dharmapuri Dmdk Candidate Baskaran

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Actor Vijayakanth Beat his Dharmapuri DMDK MLA Candidate Mr.Baskaran on


In Dharmapuri Election Speech Vijayakanth mistakenly said Dharampuri Candidate as Mr.Pandiyan instead of Mr.Baskaran.

Baskaran Said to Vijayakanth about mistaken he suddenly beat Dharmapuri Candidate.

Actor-turned-politician Vijayakanth, who is also the chief of DMDK, has stirred up a controversy after he was seen allegedly assaulting his party candidate at an election rally in Tamil Nadu.

Vijayakanth, whose DMDK is a constituent of the Jayalalithaa's AIADMK-led alliance, allegedly beat up his Dharmapuri candidate in full public glare while canvassing votes from an open vehicle.

The victim was in charge of the public address system at the poll rally. Vijayakanth allegedly hit him when the microphone failed.

The entire episode was captured in a video that was later aired on his Captain TV channel.

A defiant Vijayakanth later said at an election rally that there was nothing wrong in what he did and that whoever he beat up would become a Maharaja later.

The ruling DMK, meanwhile, slammed the actor for the incident and said, "The incident reflects the poor leadership of the party".
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2 Responses to “Vijayakanth Beat Dharmapuri Dmdk Candidate Baskaran”

அன்பரசு said...
March 30, 2011 at 1:05 AM

இது நாகரீகமற்ற செயல், இது போல் யாரும் தரம் தாழ்ந்து நடந்தது இல்லை. இவனை நம்பி வாக்களிக்கும் அந்த பத்து சதவீத மக்களை என்ன செய்ய?

vinoth said...
July 28, 2011 at 1:45 AM

dmk,admk compare panum pothu dmdk onum periya thavaru saiyala.........chena thavarai periyathaka kaatuvathum periya thavarai chena thavaraka kaatuvathum...puthethala....makkaluku nalathu saithaal pothum...

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